Build Your Own Website for Beginners


Hello and Welcome!

This Guide will walk  you thought the steps required to build your own Website starting from picking up the domain name to successful launch.

Running a website is cheap and  these days it costs roughly 3-5$ per month for Hosting and domain name. Today millions of people around the globe are running their own websites for their own business ,blog etc' mainly to make money.

In principle to start your website you will need a domain name and a good web hosting



Choose and Register a Domain name

What is Domain name?

Domain name is a string that represents an IP address. The internet is a collection of servers (like your future website) and clients (like your computer at home), in order for the different servers and clients to communicate one with each other they need an address called Internet Protocol (IP) address (for example - but for us human it is difficult to remember all these numbers so domain name come to the rescue and the trick is to associate a domain name to an IP address so that we can remember the domain dame no matter what the IP address is. a domain name server (DNS) is resolving the name to the current IP address for us (it is done under the hood).

Cost: 3-12$ per year (depend on the suffix - .com, .org, .co etc.)




Choose a Web Hosting Provider

What is Web Hosting?

Web Hosting Provider is a service provider company that provides the facilities to house your website or in other words it's where your website resides. Web Hosting companies provides the relevant platform and space to host your website, they also provides email services, data base services, statistical tools, web components and more.

Cost: 3-5$ per month




Build your Site

There are many ways to build a site from hand coding which for most people  is difficult to use but it enables you full control of the website, through website builders  a point and click way to create a website which is simple and easy but also very limited. I strongly recommend to build a site with what so called Content Management System (CMS) which is a web application (in most cases open source - so other people doing the coding for us) that handles and manage the website from a centralized admin. Some of the best CMS's in the markets are Drupal, Joomla and WordPress. With CMS there is no need to know coding and one can find many Free plugins, components and Templates to use depending on the website theme. For the scope of this tutorial we will use WordPress as it the most common and popular CMS and it is an easy and good tool to create a blog or a generic website.

Cost: your time